Troy L. Redstone

PHD. Retirement Consulting

TroyRedstonedrape29Troy Redstone launched PHD. Retirement Consulting in the spring of 2013 to focus exclusively on qualified retirement plans, specifically on Plan Health Design and the dynamics of Behavioral Finance, such as Financial Wellness. As the chief architect of plan design for his client base, Mr. Redstone is a Behavioral Finance Specialist who turns behavioral challenges into behavioral solutions. An author, featured speaker, and retirement plan consultant, he focuses on helping employees retire on their own terms and helps employers build a Health & Wellness System to promote healthy plans with a defensible due diligence process. Mr. Redstone holds a BA in Behavioral Psychology from the University of Alabama and an MBA in Finance from Rockhurst University.
(913) 944-4620
Overland Park, KS
Client Plans: 52
Participants: 20,000


Timothy J. Black (Founding - 2011-2013)
Stephen Davis (Founding - 2011-2013)
Matthew D. Gannon (Founding - 2011-2012)
Adrian D. Hodge (2013-2015)
Gene R. Huxhold CFP®, AIF® (2012-2014)
Paul Mahan, AIF® (2013-2015)
Jim O’Shaughnessy AIF®, PRP® (Founding - 2011-2014)
Patrick J. Rieck, CRPS®, QPA, QKA, QPFC, AIF® (Founding - 2011-2013)
James D. Robison, AIF® (2013-2015)
Barbara J. Delaney, AIF®, PRP®
Ryan Mullen, CIMA®
Melissa Cowan, Morgan Stanley (2015-2018)
Steve Smith, AIG Retirement Services (2015-2018)
Chad Larsen, AIF®, PRP®, MRP (2015-2018)
Jeffrey Hemker, CLU®, ChFC®, AIFA®, CBFA™