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FBi LogoFiduciary Benchmarks provides independent, comprehensive and informative benchmarking services to the industry’s most respected Recordkeepers, Third Party Administrators, Broker/Dealers, Fund Managers and Advisor/Consultants to help them fulfill their ERISA duties. We ensure sure the Service Providers, Plan Sponsors and Plan Participants benefit from a comprehensive analysis for determination of fee reasonableness. This means that the quality of the provider, the cost drivers and the value factors associated with supporting the plan are logically evaluated against the fees that are being paid.

fin enginesBuilding a healthy financial future extends far beyond the 401k – with additional assets outside of the plan and near-term financial goals taking precedence, participants are looking for comprehensive guidance they can trust. As a leading provider of Financial Wellness and Advisory Solutions in the workplace, Financial Engines has developed a suite of services that can support participants as their needs change overtime, no matter how they prefer to engage - whether online, over the phone, or in-person. Our services include a focus on financial wellness, self-service investment advice, management, and comprehensive financial planning. And as a fiduciary for over 20 years, we always act in their best interest with the goal of helping all participants plan, prepare and prosper.



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