Member Practice Leaders

Council membership consists of representatives of four Colleges:

  • Advisor College
  • Practice Leader College
  • Investment Manager College
  • Service Provider College

Membership is limited by statute (75 Professional Retirement Plan Advisors and Practice Leaders, 6 Investment Managers, and 8 Service Providers)

Membership in the Advisor College is by merit. The application review process takes multiple factors into consideration, including size of the Advisor’s practice, the Advisor’s dedication to the retirement plans business, and contribution to thought leadership in the industry. The Executive Board appoints members from among nominees recommended by a committee representing the Investment Manager and Service Provider Colleges.

The Practice Leader College consists of senior executives managing the retirement plans business of major Retirement Plan Advisory Firms in the United States. Profiles in this report are those of Advisors and Practice Leaders who attended Council meetings since January 1, 2012. Members in the Investment Manager and Service Provider colleges is designated by the Executive Board to represent a broad spectrum of firms. Each firm in membership is represented by an individual voting member.