The Retirement Advisor Council Welcomes 37 New Member Advisors

East Granby, CT –The Retirement Advisor Council welcomes 37 new member plan Advisors.

The Retirement Advisor Council is pleased to announce that the following Retirement Plan Advisors have joined membership effective January 1, 2019. The Council follows a systematic review process and all nominations are by invitation. These advisors represent strong and committed leaders in the financial services and retirement industries. They join their colleagues as members of the Council and as advocates for an industry that supports qualified plan and participant retirement outcomes.

Michael M. Kane, Founder and Managing Director of Plan Sponsor Consultants and current President of the Retirement Advisor Council believes the process for admission brings the highest quality advisor to the Council, “Through its mission, the national Retirement Advisor Council advocates for successful qualified plan and participant retirement outcomes through the collaborative efforts of experienced, qualified retirement plan advisors, investment firms and asset managers, and defined contribution plan service providers.“

Kane continues, “I am pleased to announce that the Retirement Advisor Council has extended invitations to join the Council to 37 new members who advise 3374 retirement plans with 2,040,327 participants and over $142 billion in plan assets. This new class of nominees brings the total number of plans advised by the advisor membership to 13,113 plans with $562 billion in total plan assets. Outstanding nominees are identified by the Advisor Membership Committee, who in turn, makes their recommendations to the Board.”

The new members are:

  1. Jessica R. Ballin AIF®, C(k)P® - 401(k) Professionals
  2. Samuel Brandwein CFP®, CIMA®, CRPS®, CPFA - Graystone Consulting - Boca Raton | Orlando | Savanah
  3. Colin M. Clark AIF® C(k)P®, CBFA, CPFA - Washington Financial Group
  4. Nicole W. Corning CFP®, CRPC®, AIF® - Buckman & Corning Financial Strategies Grou
  5. Jeffrey Crenshaw, AIF® - AJ Gallagher & Company
  6. Christopher Dubie AIF®, CRPS® - The Dubie Group at Morgan Stanley
  7. Sean Michael Duggan AIF®, AIFA®, CBC, CPC, QPA, QKA, CPFA, TGPC - The Finerty Retirement Team
  8. Nathan C. Fisher AIF®, CPFA - Fisher Investments 401k Solutions
  9. Daniel P. Gaertner CRPS® - Gaertner Investment Consulting Group
  10. Harris M. Gignilliat CIMA®, CRPS® - The Wile Consulting Group
  11. Steven W. Glasgow AIF®, CFA, CIMA®, PRP® - Glasgow Wealth Management Group
  12. James E. Graham CPFA®, CEBS®, CIMA® - CAPTRUST
  13. Jamie D. Greenleaf AIF®, CBFA, C(k)P®, CHSA - Cafaro Greenleaf
  14. David T. Griffin AIF®, C(K)P® - Atlanta Retirement Partners
  15. Todd S. Gutkin CRPS® - Morgan Stanley
  16. Erin M. Hall AIF® C(K)P® - The Bermudez Hall Group
  17. Kimberly Hammond CIMA®, CFP®, C(k)P® - The HC Team
  18. Paula A. Hendrickson CFP®, C(K)P®, CBFA - First Western Trust
  19. Sarah Keibler AIF® - Alliant Retirement Consulting
  20. Paul Christopher Krueger AIF® - The MHK Group
  21. Russell M. LaGreca CFP®, CIMA®, CRPS® - The J.K. Meek Group at Morgan Stanley Graystone Consulting
  22. John H. Ludwig ChFC®, CRPS®, AIF® - LHD Retirement
  23. Patrick McKiernan C(k)P® - Plan Resource Group at RBC
  24. James Richard McQuillan AIF®, ChFC - MMA New England Agency
  25. Debra Moran QKA, QPA - Acropolis Retirement Solutions
  26. Josh Mott - Graystone Consulting
  27. Jason Navarro AIF®, ChFC®, CRPS®, RFC - New England Wealth Management, LLC
  28. Michael C. Perry - Retirement Advisors, LLC
  29. Steven R. Puckett AIF®, CRPS®, CPFA - Gateway Advisory
  30. Nathan Rasmussen AIF® - MMA New England Agency
  31. Thomas G. Robertson Sr. CFP® - The Robertson Group at Morgan Stanley
  32. Courtenay Shipley AIF®, CRPS® - Retirement Planology
  33. Kaci D. Skidgel AIF®, C(k)P®, QPFC - Summit Financial Group
  34. Michael A. Webb CEBS® - Cammack Retirement
  35. Tina L. Wisialowski CRPS® - The Parks Group at Morgan Stanley
  36. Karen Y. Yasukawa CIMA® - The Kikawa Group at Raymond James
  37. Andrew S. Zito AIF® - LAMCO Advisory Group

About The Retirement Advisor Council

Formed in 2009, the Retirement Advisor Council is a national organization that advocates for successful qualified plan and participant retirement outcomes through the collaborative efforts of experienced, qualified retirement plan advisors, investment managers and defined contribution plan service providers.  To advance its mission, the Council undertakes initiatives in the areas of research, public relations and promotion, general public education, regulatory positions and practice management.  The Council accomplishes this mission by:

  • Identifying duties, responsibilities, and attributes of the Professional Retirement Plan Advisor,
  • Sharing professional standards with plan sponsors who are responsible for the success of their plans,
  • Providing collective thought capital to decision makers, product providers, legislators and the public,
  • Giving voice to the retirement plan advisor community,
  • Offering tools to evaluate advisors to ensure the quality of services provided.

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