Creating More Impactful Financial Wellness Solutions for Women

viewpoint thumb 11 24 20This VIEWPOINT demonstrates that women stand to benefit from customized Financial Wellness programs. Obstacles to career ascendancy often coupled with burdensome financial responsibilities can leave women feeling financially vulnerable. Their pattern of workforce participation differs from men, and can cause them to face unique financial challenges. Many women do not have a continuous career path marked by steady advancement.  This difference can be exacerbated by the fact that women tend to live longer than men, and will likely have to finance a longer and consequently more expensive retirement.  Women today also carry a greater share of the college debt burden, and many are stressed about their ability to pay monthly bills. These factors indicate that women can benefit from greater customization in their Financial Wellness program.  Their needs are better addressed by placing an increased emphasis on emergency savings accounts, strategies for saving and investing while paying down debt, financial planning worksheets, and alternative approaches to save for retirement

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